Matthew Africa & DJ B.Cause – Soul Boulders 2 (Free Mix)

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To honor the memory of the late Matthew Africa, DJ B.Cause has released one of the classic collaborative mixes he did with Matthew for free download to the public. The track list was purposefully omitted by the creators, but if you’re familiar with any of their work you know you’re guaranteed quality. This is mandatory listening, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

DJ B.Cause: We are all really missing our dear friend Matthew. In his honor I am offering up Soul Boulders 2 as a free download, please don’t hesitate to share. For more great mixes and music check out his awesome website:


Soulstrut: For those who aren’t familiar with Soul Boulders, here’s the story. Back in 2005, San Francisco’s DJ B.Cause posted a mind-blowing 10-minute mini-mix on the SoulStrut message board. The songs were exquisite but hard to pigeonhole– soulful and funky, but not purely funk or soul, slow, psychedelic, moody, maybe a little haunted. In other words, exactly my sound. DJ Matthew Africa sent him a message urging him either to finish the mix or to let Matthew hop on and collaborate with him on turning his ten minutes into something CD length. Matthew grabbed a dozen or so of his favorite records, figured out their sequence and recorded his half at B.Cause’s house one rainy afternoon. Once B.Cause fleshed out his half and massaged the whole thing a bit, we released it in the spring of 2006. It was his first commercial mix CD.



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