Marvwon – “The Way of the Won” (FREE ALBUM)

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1. Rite Back produced by Vaughn T of the Labtechs
2. What Up produced by Mr. Porter
3. Thin Ice produced by Mr. Porter
4. Need To Know featuring Bilal produced by Mr. Porter
5. Happy Birthday produced by Quelle
6. Mill Ticket produced by Brenk
7. Get Back produced by Lord Quest
8. Alex Foley featuring Danny Brown & Chips Dinero produced by House Shoes
9. The Chase produced by D Fresh
10. The Way It Goes produced by 14KT
11. Talk About produced by Black Milk

Fuck yeah! Stuff your stocking (….pause….) with this shit! This is fucking FREE! Marvwon + Black Milk = WIN.

The Way of the Won
The Way of the Won (Back-Up Link)


SHOUT: Kevin Nottingham

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