MarQ Spekt x Gary Wilson – Broken Mazes EP (TRAILER)

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A little teaser for the upcoming Broken Mazes EP. This record is a collaborative between myself and experimental, proto-new wave musician Gary Wilson(Stones Throw). It’s rare that you get the opportunity to work with the actual artist rather than just sampling the record. Gary opened his vaults and provided ample soundscapes. Some of these instrumentals dating back to 1973 may have been heard before. Others may not. The ending result is a pure creative expression and meshes Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Jazz, Funk…. Soak up the vibrations and Enjoy!

This is awesome in pretty much every way. Just the idea of rapping over Gary Wilson instrumentals is inspired in itself, Spekt is more than up to the task of it, the song in the trailer sounds great, even the trailer itself is really well done. This EP is now highly highly anticipated.
I’m trying to think of other similarly conceived collaborations and I’m mostly drawing a blank. I can think of just one off hand, I’m sure there were a few I’m forgetting, but that’s it. Hiphop producers have worked with singers from prior musical eras before, but it’s rare to see it done in reverse where a current rapper uses an original 37 year old instrumental that isn’t being sampled or otherwise edited.
Video and cover art (shown in the beginning of the trailer) was done by John Turner Jr.

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