MarQ Spekt & Kno – MacheteVision (Album)

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Considering our past history with Spekt, offering an objective take on this album is impossible. So here’s an entirely subjective one – this might be the album I’ve been waiting to hear from Spekt for as long as I’ve been aware of him. He has come close before, made some very good tracks, but never to the level we see here. Many will undoubtedly check this for Kno’s production and that’s fine, it’s good to have a familiar anchor when venturing into new territory. As strong as the beats are though, they are not the main draw here. Spekt’s bars are the star of the show, through and through. Their content is dense and I’m sure there will be much to find that wasn’t apparent on first listen. But the strength and fluidity of his flow are immediately obvious. I’ve said for ages that Spekt is an underrated talent, this album goes above and beyond to justify that claim.
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