Marion Barry (DMV)

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Everyone that lives in other regions of the world thinks they know DMV now because they downloaded a few Wale mixtapes and heard about Diamond District. No disrespect to those artists at all (who’ve definitely gotten a dope buzz in the scene) but, just like cities such as L.A., New York, Chicago, and etc., there is more than enough talent to go around. For the older heads, some of you will remember such artists as Nonchalant, Questionmark Asylum, or even Section 8 Mob. If I were to mention Opus Akoben, you may know who I’m talking about but most of the time you either know them from living in DC or being overseas in France (where they were popular). Funny thing is, previous articles in the City Paper about the hip hop scene in DC being overshadowed by go-go but until over the past decade or so the two have been merged together more than ever; this doesn’t include the remakes of popular hip hop songs but the actual go-go based production (i.e., Best Kept Secret) and go-go based bands with a hip hop feel (i.e., Mambo Sauce). With that said, here’s an older mix of DMV shit that I made for those who want a taste. You’re welcome, bitches. –Ardamus

Father Scott Unlimited – “Sweet Potatoes”
Flex Matthews – “ROTY”
Head-Roc feat. Noyeek The Grizzly Bear – “Tarzan”
The Insurrection – “Exquisite Fck U”
Mr. Cliff – “Hypnotichronic”
OSV – “What Does It Mean?”
Panacea – “Classic”
Poemcees – “Glasses”
W. Ellington Felton – “Dear Kanye”
Young Raven ft. L. Blev and Dre Carnegie – “Round Here (pt. 2)”

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