Main Attrakionz – N***** On The Run Eatin EP (Presented By SteadyBloggin)

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Dense lyrics by Squadda and Mondre, dense production from Squadda and friends splitting time between weightless psychedelia and intense necksnapping freakouts, an aesthetic focused on progressive sound while never abandoning appreciation for classic foundations – everything that I like about this group neatly packaged into a new 9 track EP. Big thanks and a huge shout out to Squadda and Mondre for putting us in the mix on this one.

I want to specifically single out track 7 on the EP, ‘Sweet Memories’ . This might be my favorite Main Attrakionz semi-throwback styled song to date, I’m a huge sucker for that Ike’s Mood break. Click on the song title above to check that out.

DOWNLOAD: Main Attrakionz – N***** On The Run Eatin EP (Presented By SteadyBloggin)

BONUS FEATURES 1: ‘Fuck The World’ video, which visually and sonically clearly leans to the more tripped out side of their output. A snippet of this song was featured on Squadda’s recent I Smoke Because I Don’t Care About Death mixtape.

BONUS FEATURES 2: If you need an introduction/primer on Main Attrakionz go download Space Age Hustle’s Two Man Horror Film, The Main Attrakionz Compilation, which is probably the best overview of the group’s work to date.

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