Main Attrakionz – Best Duo Ever (mixtape)

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I’ve been anticipating this ever since Squadda sent the excellent cover you see above. I feel like the image they chose may be a sign of the group becoming more and more comfortable in their own strange niche, and that growing confidence is translating into both better presentation and better music. Hence a kind of polished feeling is prevalent throughout the mixtape, ‘polished’ not in the sense of them embracing a cleaner sound but in the sense of an improved more masterful execution of the dirty weird sound that attracted me to the group in the first place. Mild spoiler… the mixtape makes really good use of the old hidden track gimmick, I wont give away too much but lets say you’re actually getting approximately 1.7 mixtapes instead of 1.

DOWNLOAD: Main Attrakionz – Best Duo Ever (mixtape)

An extra thought on the rectangular shape of the cover – it’s a small and possibly even unintentional detail but this idea has tons of potential for artists who release internet-only material; no cd/lp = no point in keeping the cover art square = lots of interesting artistic possibilities. I wanna see somebody send me a mixtape with a cover that’s a tetrahedron made of dragons and titties, let’s make that happen.

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