Magneto’s Top Ten Greatest Rappers Ever (Entrant Number 6)

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We’re back again with a new installment of the top ten rappers ever. As we begin with the final six, I must say this process has been as difficult as it’s been fun. It has been very pain aching, trying to figure out which legend I had to leave out of the top ten. Continuing on, we start with the birthday boy….Think BIG


6. Notorious B.I.G.


So you wanna be Hardcore? The Brooklyn born MC, who catapulted to the top of Hip Hop elite almost as fast as he was taken from us. One of the most technically skilled MCs ever, also left us with more memorable material in a short span, then any other rapper ever.


Material 10-10 – When it comes to albums, Biggie released two unquestionable classic albums while he was alive. Ready to Die stands as one of the best debut albums to ever be released. With an album that tackled the struggles of growing up in poverty, having to do crimes to make ends to feed himself and his daughter, to his mother’s health problems, to trying to transition from a street drug dealer to a world renowned MC. Biggie made you feel all the problems he was going through, and how his life was evolving, yet his depression was still not allowing him to cope with his success. Then he released his second LP, the best double album ever released in Life After Death. An album where now was the biggest or second biggest rapper in the game, and he showed all the troubles that came with it. Unwarranted beefs, problems with dealing with people wanting to kill him just cause of his achievements, and problems still handling how fast his success came. In before his debut, and between his two efforts, he was on a lot of guest features with some of the biggest stars ever like Michael Jackson, to some of the least known like RA the Rugged Man. No matter what, he never let up, and always gave a standout performance.


Influence – 9-10 – Whether it’s Jay-Z (The biggest rapper ever), or it’s MC Coke Gun Shooter, rappers on the East Coast have all tried to emulate Biggie in some form or fashion. He had the ability to have the women audience even being “Black and ugly as ever”, and maintain the most hardcore thugs as fans as well. His ability to create albums that had a balance is still trying to be matched by the likes of the Fabolous’ of the world, who still don’t realize that they don’t even possess 1/100th of the personality of a Biggie to pull it off. Biggie’s reputation for being a high selling, but someone critics view as an

Enormously talented MC is what most rappers strive for, but very few ever will have.


Longevity – 7-10 – What hurts Biggie is the fact that his career only lasted for 5 years, before he was murdered. In those years he was album to leave his stamp as one of the greatest, however, over the years his legacy, at least world wide hasn’t been album to be as big as 2Pac’s was, under the same circumstances. I believe it’s because 2Pac was more politically and socially motivated in his music and interviews, while Biggie was more about Party and Bullshit. Not to say Biggie’s legacy isn’t still cemented, it seems to not have such a strong hold globally, as one would think. Either way, Biggie’s name still holds a lot of weight in the U.S… Specifically in the East as a rap God.


Skill Level – 9-10 – Biggie was a mega talented MC, however, he didn’t really start out all that technically sound. He used to scream a lot in his raps (prior to Ready to Die), didn’t really have a lot of standout lines, but he brought an intensity with a good flow that left people wanting more. As 1994 rolled around, he became more skilled in his pocket game, delivery was more rounded, his flow smoothed out, and his lyrics became sharper. As the years went on, he continued to improve to the point, he was easily one of the top 5 most skilled rappers in the game. It just took him some time to get there, and if you followed his career closely, you saw the gradual improvements as time went on.


Final score 35 out of 40


Best Song: Machine Gun Funk

Best Album: Ready to Die


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