Magneto’s Top 10 Rappers Ever (Entrant 2)

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And we’re down to the final two. Deciding who would be ranked number one between the last two really difficult, because they end up with identical scores. What determined who was first and second, was then based off which ones of the four factors holds the most value in terms of who actually is the better rapper. For me, the combination of Material and Influence, which one ranked one point higher than the other in those categories which put him over the top. So without further adieu .. we are at number 2.



Live from the BRONX, NY KRS-One is considered one of the most controversial and contradictory rappers of all-time, but also maybe the best

1. Material – 10-10 – KRS-One the founder of the legendary group Boogie Down Productions, started his career with one of the biggest impacts ever, as he went head up with the Queensbridge reps MC Shan and Marley Marl and other Juice Crew affiliates. He released two of the most scathing diss records ever in “The South Bronx” and possibly the best one ever “The Bridge is Over”. From the momentum of those two records, BDP released their classic record “Criminal Minded” arguably one of the greatest rap records ever, he displayed a combination of gangster raps and social commentary that had never been heard on a rap record before. The next album “By All Means Necessary”, which was recorded after the death of his DJ Scott La Rock (One of the co-founders of BDP), his approach went much more towards social and political raps, and a lot of the gangster themes from Criminal Minded were dropped, and soon the “Self Destruction” movement began. As a group (Even though KRS-ONE was the only rapper on these projects, really), BDP released three more records “The Blueprint”, “Edutainment”. And “Sex and Violence”, all three were considered borderline classics, and BDP’s name was etched in stone, as one of the greatest groups ever. Soon after, KRS-One would drop the BDP name on his releases, and drop his first solo records. Return of the Boom Bap, his most critically acclaimed of them all, saw him return to the bare bones of rap. He showcased various skills sets throughout the LP, and now established himself as the best rapper in the game in 1993. His next release, the self-titled KRS-One, also way a major hit with hip Hop heads, and it has Kris’ most successful single ever “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”. After this run of 7 strong albums, KRS-One went on to release records that bordered on good to subpar but nothing that matched his original run. Regardless, the strength of his first 7 records are enough to garner the highest rating possible.

Influence – 9-10 – KRS-One’s influence can be seen in nearly every rapper. From the first rapper to really release a full length LP dealing with crimes from a first hand perspective; to releasing diss records to generate a buzz; to even going as far to have physical confrontation with rappers that talked shit about him in public, KRS-One has been the blueprint in which a lot of rappers like 50 Cent and others have followed over the years. Considering KRS-One was never a major seller, the fact that he garnered so much respect from old school and new school rap acts speaks to his ability to relate to both sides. While he’s always been a major advocate of paying homage to the forefathers, KRS-One was the only rapper from the golden era to actually embrace and support new acts on a major scale. His support lead to artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye West, etc.. to work on projects with him over the last few years.

Longevity – 10-10 – He started his career in 1985 with the Crack Attack and had a 12 year run, as one of the biggest and arguably the most critically acclaimed rap artist of his generation. By 1998, his run as a top figure in rap waned, however, he still maintained a relevancy in rap. From working with both underground and mainstream artists over the past decade, he has balanced out a niche that is not often seen. He was able to still able to keep notoriety as a important figure in rap, without being anything close to a major seller.

Skills – 10-10 – One of the most skillful MC’s ever, KRS-One possessed the most commanding voices in rap history. His delivery could send other rappers running for cover, as he had an authorize narration. His lyrics were never the most fancy in terms of wordplay, but he was able to always express great storytelling, with hard hitting, and socially aware lyrics, with a strong vocabulary and rhyme schemes. His flow was also one of the most diverse as he never sounded off beat, and always was in control of every song he was on. His ability to implement other genres of music that had origins in rap into his songs also added on to his elite skill level.

Score .. 39-40

Best song: My Philosophy
Best Album: Criminal Minded

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