Madam Madon – The Benning Rd. Bomber

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Even though this more than just a few months from when it was originally released, I had to big this up from the DMV. Working with the producers of Juelz Santana’s “The Whistle Song”, I give you The Benning Rd. Bomber or better yet, Madam Madon. This mixtape for a good portion of the year stayed in my iPOD because of how well-done the original tracks were on this. Its good to hear an emcee crush tracks we’ve heard but the real proof is in the actual songs; which is something I heard on this mixtape. Equipped with a smooth a delivery, detailed lyrics, and sultry voice (kinda Heather B./Rah Digga sounding), Madam Madon ripped the shit out of this mixtape, IMO. Suggested tracks on this mixtape: Sell Me Your Soul, Tomorrow Aint Promised, and Machine Gun Rap. –Ardamus

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