Mac Lethal’s assessment of Yelawolf

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White-on-White commentary is fascinating for a variety of reasons. In this episode we find one paste superhero sizing up (nh) another paste superhero:

Dude is definitely not a new guy.

He’s been around for a very long time. Seems to want to play the big major label route, though, and has been kinda sitting around on major label shelves for a while.

He’s got the image put together, and can rap very well.

I absolutely despise the fabricated country bumpkin/hillbilly element of his rapping, though, because in interviews the dude talks like a surfer dude who grew up in Orange County. But besides that, yeah, I see this working on some big levels.

I really thought Yelawolf was a classic trailer trash, rags-to-riches story. But rap can be some crazy shit. Can anyone comment as to Y-Y-Y-Yela’s station in life prior to becoming an iPod/internet/blog darling?


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