Louis Logic – Me & Everyone You Know LP

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Louie is set to drop his new album “Me & Everyone You Know” April 6 and here is sample of whats to expect. T-list is below as well as pre-ordering info. Check check it out! –Philaflava

Louis Logic – “Broken Record (feat. Black Mask)”

Artist: Louis Logic
Title: Me & Everyone You Know
Label: Pot To Piss In
Digital Release Date: April 6th, 2010
Exclusive PRE-SALE going on @ eMusic.com right now
Physical CD’s available @ http://louislogic.blogspot.com (from Louis direct)
Featuring M-Phazes, Atari Blitzkrieg, Black Mask, The Day Laborers + many more
Underground extraordinaire, Louis Logic, returns in 2010 with a brand new full length release. After successful solo albums, “Sin-A-Matic” and “Misery Loves Comedy”, the infamous ‘Drunken Dragon’ brings a project consisting of unadulterated and creative hip hop excursions. This 11 track album showcases songs that Louis has collaborated on with hip hop’s next crop of newcomers and artists on the rise. If you’re a longtime fan of Louis Logic, you will appreciate the continuation of his raw and well thought-out style, as this is a strong pairing of musical talents much like his previous group albums with The Odd Couple and Spork Kills. Album cover features original artwork by Chris Sosa.

01. Playing For Keeps (with Mdusu)
02. Right N Wrong (with Bo Jankans)
03. Natural Selection (with Anecdote & M-Phazes)
04. What You Want (with Nocturnal Artist, Ivan Ives & Big Jess)
05. The Lone Gunners (with Bugz)
06. Knock Knock (with Lakai)
07. Party Crashers (with The Let Go)
08. Knock Knock Bastardface (with Atari Blitzkrieg & Roc C)
09. The Long Way Down (with KAWZ)
10. Confinement (with The Day Laborers)
11. Broken Record (with Black Mask)

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