Lil’ Wayne “The Carter” (Sundance) Documentary

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When your father is one of the most acclaimed producers in the history of music and you have more money than God, what do you do? You make Beef DVD’s and rap documentaries simply because you can. Let’s not discredit QD3’s production talents, because after all he was responsible for some of the greatest Cali classics courtesy of Too $hort, 2Pac & Ice Cube. Basically, QDIII has more fuck you money than any rap producer you can think of not named Rick Rubin. His father is Quincy Jones for fuck sakes. So with that said, here is his latest project that will net him even more coin. Looks promising… –Philaflava

QD3 Entertainment presents the world premiere of their Lil’ Wayne “The Carter” documentary. Pre-order your copy now at

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