Lil Chuuuch – Best of Chuuuch Worlds (Mixtape)

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Deep in my heart I truly believe that someday soon Reverend Burke and RZA will come together to make a great album which will represent a legitimately modern continuation of Wu-Tang’s legacy.
But this isn’t that album. This is an extremely entertaining collection of old and new tracks from Burke’s pimpin’ Lothario alter-ego Lil Chuuuch. Here Burke’s/Chuuuch’s obvious talents get welcome assists from R.Kelly on several odes to fucking and the good life in general. But there are also moments of pure rap craft mastery – a freestyle clinic over the most classic Dre beat (‘Got Bricks’), and an incredibly violent slave revenge fantasy (‘Insurrexion’, which may have been recorded with the Django OST in mind.) And the linchpin centerpiece of it all is ‘Goodluck’, which may represent the optimal balance of the artist’s two personas.
So while I wait for the entirely fantasied version of Burke’s debut album, this will pass the time very nicely.


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