Lefties Soul Connection – Love will travel AND You Don’t Know

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As the year winds down I’m gonna throw up some notable singles that I haven’t previously mentioned. First up, two by Leftie’s Soul Connection.

This Dutch band caught some attention over the last few years with a strong cover of DJ Shadow’s seminal Organ Donor and a spirited if ultimately pointless reworking of Jay-Z less than seminal American Gangster (appropriately titled Amsterdam Gangster.) Beyond fun gimmickry they are a strong soul/funk band in their own right, as these two singles attest.

First up, Have Love Will Travel bw Here Come The Girls. Both sides are rock-infused soul in the spirit of early Little Richard, aided by raspy shouty vocals courtesy of somebody named Flomega. The A-side is the heavier of the two, a cover mildly punked up up cover of a tune originally credited to Richard Berry aka the creator of Louie Louie.

Lefties Soul Connection – Have Love Will Travel

The B-side is also a cover, this time courtesy of N.O. legend Ernie K. Doe. The rock leanings are a bit more mannered here, the snarl of the A-side replaced with a measured strut well suited to summer driving (not sleazy enough for pimp walking though).

Lefties Soul Connection – Here Come The Girls

The second single is You Don’t Know bw Cover My Eyes. This one switches gears to something less rocking a bit more soulful, with the vocal duties turned over to able throated Corrina Greyson. On the A-side You Don’t Know she goes to full-on scorned Motown soul diva mode.

Lefties Soul Connection – You Don’t Know

The B-side slows things down with a dark ballad set to a deep organ backing. This one might actually be my favorite of the four songs in this post.

Lefties Soul Connection – Cover My Eyes

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