Kristmas – Somethin Wrong Ft. Codie G (Prod. By David Sanders)

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The first single from Kristmas’ upcoming W2 Boy album, to be released on April 15th. I feel like this (selectively edited) Encyclopedia Britannica quote describes what Kristmas does here pretty well:

“The orator need not be a first-rate logician, though a capacity for good, clear thought helps to penetrate into the causes and results of tentative premises and conclusions and to use analogy, generalizations, assumptions, deductive–inductive reasoning, and other types of inference… Oratorical greatness is invariably identified with strong emotional phrasing and delivery. When the intellectual qualities dominate with relative absence of the affective appeals, the oration fails just as it does when emotion sweeps aside reason. The ideal orator is personal in his appeals and strong in ethical proofs, rather than objective or detached. He enforces his arguments by his personal commitment to his advocacy.”

This orator persona is only one side of Kristmas, W2 Boy is going to be this AND a whole lot more.

DOWNLOAD: Kristmas – Somethin Wrong Ft. Codie G (Prod. By David Sanders)

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