Kool Keith – Drugs (Memory Man’s Back In The ’70s Mix)

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Just randomly stumbled across some new ‘Drugs’ remix EP, consisting of a few new takes on the Kool Keith classic which has now been remixed approximately 28929297 times. This EP seems about as necessary as Ninja Tune’s ignominious attempt to come up with the worst possible take on ‘Tried By 12’, but whatever, let them have their fun. The real point is that it got me thinking about previous remixes of the song, and Memory Man’s came to mind instantly as by far the best one. It might be better than the original. The luxuriously sleazy beat is truly AM Gold – as in it’s now 9am and I’m still up doing lines and smoking Acapulco Gold till my eyes bleed.
DOWNLOAD: Kool Keith – Drugs (Memory Man’s Back In The 70s Mix)

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2 Responses to “Kool Keith – Drugs (Memory Man’s Back In The ’70s Mix)”

  1. verge tibbs says:

    hey drizzy, peep this other remix out too, pretty ill too:
    would love to see both these remixes with the instros on a record.

  2. verge tibbs says:

    nice, thanks, yeah im diggin this one much more than the og.

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