Kool Keith and Ultramagnetic MC’s – You’ll See

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The leading track from another great single by the great Red Apple 45 label (more on them HERE). I love the template this label is setting for itself in terms of both sound and overall philosophy/approach to music. They are right there with Roc Marciano and KA in shaping the other NY resurgence, focused on channeling the essence of the classic NY sound in an updated way, with older MCs creating music that’s appropriately age-wizened and/or introspective and always very polished in execution yet still raw at the core.
DOWNLOAD: Kool Keith and Ultramagnetic MC’s – You’ll See

If any of the above is enjoyable/making sense to you, check out this recent interview with Ray West, producer & co-founder of Red Apples 45. There is some interesting info there about what these guys are trying to do and what they have coming up next: SBS Interview With Ray West

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