King Kong Keys – Nothing Nice / D’Evils / Hold That

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Hardbody Harlem rap, at best points shades of Black Rob like whoa. King Kong Key’s (must resist urge to abbreviate) New York repping intentions are obvious from the first seconds of ‘Nothing Nice’ and further reinforced by the very name of ‘D’Evils’, but even though the style is not the most original this guy can definitely rap well. Those in the ‘ASAP Rocky doesn’t sound NY enough’ contingent should be especially pleased here, at least until they find out the dude has a Project Pat feature on his tape too.
DOWNLOAD: King Kong Keys – Nothing Nice

DOWNLOAD: King Kong Keys – D’Evils

DOWNLOAD: King Kong Keys – Hold That

All 3 songs were taken from the Monarchy: DaKingDoneKome mixtape, that you can download for free HERE.

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