King Geedorah – Snakecharmer ft. Kurious as Biolante

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Don’t get too excited, Doom doesn’t actually rap on this. But it’s still worth hearing. As of now I can’t confirm if this is a new track or an unreleased leftover, I’m going to assume it’s the latter. If anybody can definitively say otherwise, please let me know.

DOWNLOAD: King Geedorah – Snakecharmer ft. Kurious as Biolante

This song popped up on one of the bonus vinyl singles that comes with the new Ninja Tune XX boxset. If it is indeed a leftover, it’s not hard to understand why it never made it to Take Me To Your Leader – it’s not terrible, but it wouldn’t really add much to the album either. Kurious’ verses are serviceable but not particularly memorable, almost lethargic actually. What really interests me here is the beat. Doom samples a track that I’ve been a fan of for a long time, a weird space folk number called Gönül Dağı by Turkish rock god Barış Manço. Manço has gained some internet prominence during the last few years via the resurgence of interest in Turkish psychedelic rock. So, if it’s a new track then Doom is (mildly) trend hopping, if it’s a 2003 leftover then he was way ahead of everybody.

DOWNLOAD: Barış Manço – Gönül Dağı

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