Killer Mike – ‘Untitled’ snippet prod. by El-P

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Just a short snippet, hopefully more will materialize soon.

What’s really cool about this, aside from the music itself, is that after a very long career of working almost exclusively within a mostly closed circle of friends/co-conspirators, El-P is finally turning his talents toward a wider area of possible collaboration. Aside from Killer Mike, work with both Big Boi and Yelawolf has been hinted at via twitter and hopefully there will be more. Consider Freeway’s EMG freestyle as another example of the possibility at hand. Hypothetically speaking – a producer driver album ala Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor series or Doom’s King Gheedora, featuring a mix of established affiliates like Aesop and Breeze Brewin with newer acquaintances like the ones mentioned above – that could be great.


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