Killa Cal Wayne – Headed To The Promise Land (mixtape)

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From whatever scarce info I could find, I get the feeling Killa Cal Wayne is something of a minor cult favorite in Texas (parts of it anyway). Very little of his material is available for dl via the usual internet channels, most of what I’ve heard I’ve found through youtube. Those clips show a capable hardcore mixtape rapper, not doing anything particularly new but running that lane well. He’s got the ability, the grit, the menacing attitude, he can actually write a song, and he sports an inspired beat selection without regional biases. He reminds me a bit of Freddie Gibbs around 2009ish, but more serious and more downbeat.
Headed To The Promise Land, released in late 2010, is the only mixtape of his I was able to get a hold of so far, and it’s a good showcase for all those qualities. ‘I’m On’ (the clip at the top) was the lead single from it, streams for a few other included tracks are below. Don’t sleep on ’48 Bars Of Power’ and ‘The Game’, those are my current favorites.
Killa Cal Wayne – The Game

Killa Cal Wayne – 48 Bars Of Power

Killa Cal Wayne – Part Of The Game

Killa Cal Wayne – Home

Killa Cal Wayne – My Testimony


DOWNLOAD: Killa Cal Wayne – Headed To The Promise Land (Mixtape)


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