Kent Money ‘Becoming’

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Here is the long-awaited (well, by myself anyway) debut project from Kent Money. Ive talked about this kid’s potential before, and on Becoming we can start to see it’s materialization. Kent drops his intricate couplets over gritty space pop beats from his Suf Club bros Chase and Hit-Boy, some fantastic and diverse work from the UPS guys, a banger from Boi-1da and a beat and verse from newly crowned King Of The Net Big KRIT, who drops off some country Swizzy greatness. Kent really delivers here, dropping soulful and gritty street tales over Spragga Benz-ready block beaters, crisp boom-bap, minimalist alien funk, 110th Street soul jamz and even a little Hall & Oates. When his flow is on, there aren’t many new rappers out that can fuck with this guy. Another Surf Club victory.



1. Truth (Intro) produced by Chase N. Cashe
2. “If I Ever” produced by Hit-Boy
3. “Gangsta’s Story” produced by G Ry
4. “Wish I Would’ve Known” (ft. TY$L) produced by Hit-Boy and M3rge for UPS
5. Steppin Out” produced by M3rge for UPS
6. “Nothing Like Me” (ft. Big K.R.I.T) produced by Big K.R.I.T
7. “Rollin” (ft. Hit-Boy) produced by Hit-Boy
8. “Did You Hear” produced by Hit-Boy
9. “Gotta Be” (ft. LFK) produced by Deezy for UPS
10. “See What I Did” produced by Boi-1da
11. “Decisions” produced by Yeezo for UPS
12. “Alright” (ft. TY$L) produced by Hit-Boy
13. “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” produced by Chase N. Cashe
14. “Hey” produced by Hit-Boy
15. “Becoming” produced by M3rge and Deezy for UPS

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