Kenny Thomas – Sky High!

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‘Bama native Kenny Thomas (previously seen on SteadyB guest featured on a GMane song) does an entertaining update on a classic Goodie Mob track.

DOWNLOAD: Kenny Thomas – Sky High!

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13 Responses to “Kenny Thomas – Sky High!”

  1. Miss L.A says:

    Love this verse Kenny.I also purchased both of your songs off of iTunes.Can’t wait until you get to Cali!

  2. rich says:

    There is no worry at all about you coming from me, because you’re a waste and can’t or won’t take any money from my pocket. By the way, my momma told me she named me Richard cause she knew I would grow up to be a Dick and fuck the world and all the pussies like you in it!

  3. Jeremy Clayton says:

    Damn this a hard verse over one of my favorite G Moe B Songs.Wish he kept the hook on there.

  4. Kenny Thomas says:

    Rich…Oops i mean Dick…Look at the picture above.See the hump in my back.See that face.That’s exactly how i’m gonna be on your bitch!WE WILL SEND THE TAPE TO YOUR MOM’S HOUSE.

  5. Kenny Thomas says:

    I didn’t know pussies talked this much.You’re up at 5:41 A.M worried about a wanna be M.C when you should be brushing you’re pussy smelling breath.I smell it in your fake ass comment.HEY RICH!….Did your slow ass ever take time to realize that your mom gave you a name to remind you of something that you will never be…RICH!…….That’s sad but you have to live with it.SKI HIGH!

  6. rich says:

    You don’t have to be commercial to make it on billboard, you might know that if you was a real professional recording artist and not a part time wanna be MC. You might want to stick to slurping and burping on mics, it’s obvious you can’t spit so you must swallow, fuck my bitch better off finding a genie in a bottle…Fuck your wack ass tape bitch boy!

  7. Kenny Thomas says:

    Oh i get it DICK.You’re one of those commercial motherfuckers…I understand the way you feel.A skinny kuntry motherfucka like me sounds better and raps better than your favorite Billboard nigga.I don’t have to write shit.If i burp on the mic it’ll sound good nigga!And like i said”I’ll be in your bitch in tha near future”.WE WILL SEND YOU A TAPE!

  8. rich says:

    when you crack the billboard top one million then you can talk shit, so until then get you some stock in Mead because you need all the paper and pencils you can get ya hands on…I might just find you in my girl in the near future you’re a straight douche ole summers eve ass boy!

  9. Kenny Thomas says:

    For more heat like this check me out at

  10. Kenny Thomas says:

    I see the hating…But it’s too late…1st off Rich or DICK(Whatever your name is).Get your ears checked patna.Just because i’m not telling lies like your favorite wack ass rappers don’t hate.For the nigga that was scared to leave his name…Ya Mammy can eat my dick hating ass bitch.The haters always hide.But anyway,you can find me in your bitch in the very near future!

  11. rich says:

    dude is mediocre might want to keep his day job

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  13. This Shit Sucks says:

    cool way to ruin an original. wack.

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