Jonny Paycheck & DJ Icewater – Darmel’s House (Mix)

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“Darmel’s House” is a new mix of 1990s rap tracks from all over the map, including well-known underground classics and never heard before tape-only obscurities. My vision was one of those hazy afternoons when we’d cut out of school early and head to the homie’s house to get stoned and play tapes. Back in the day we didn’t have any boundaries to what we played, so that’s how I approached this mix. It’s slowed but not slopped, a little bit trippy but grounded in the realities of our time, and blended to perfection in a blunted state by yours truly with the assist of the great DJ Icewater on the cut. A limited edition cassette will be available in a couple weeks, but please enjoy this free stream for now. Dedicated to everyone from Berkeley, Oakland and parts beyond that were down for the cause from Day One.

Hearing all these different styles, ranging from NY timbz-n-hoodies obscurities to screwed nuggets of west and 3rd-coast funk, combined into one awesomely coherent mix, once again retrospectively highlights how dumb the 90s regional biases/prejudices were.

You can dl the mix and buy it on cassette via BANDCAMP
Spotted via Tumblin Erb

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