Joi Tiffany – Pillar Of Salt (Prod. By Block Beattaz)

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The madness subsides.

If you’ve seen G-Side live recently, you’ve seen Joi (along with PH) occasionally steal the show with what’s ostensibly supposed to be background vocals. This is the first single from her upcoming album Magenta.

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One Response to “Joi Tiffany – Pillar Of Salt (Prod. By Block Beattaz)”

  1. J.B. Ware says:

    Thanks for posting this Driz. On the heels of a Shadow song showing up as the theme music for Kenny Smith’s presentation at the TNT halftime show last night, it’s interesting to see that Block Beataz visited the same source material as him here. Nice instrumental additions here, though, has a bit of an ONP vibe too it – which I know isn’t unusual for Block Beataz, but for some reason this song particularly feels like it could’ve been a mid-nineties ONP product. Probably the guitar riff with the airy backdrop. Funny, they had a Joi too. Although I know this isn’t Gipp’s wife.

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