Joi Tiffany – Come Around (Produced By The Block Beattaz)

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Soul singer Joi Tiffany has contributed to a few SMS-related tracks in the past (see here), but this is her first official solo outing under the Slow Motion banner. There is an interesting dynamic here – Joi’s style is retro tinged but the BBz production is, as usual, futuristic. So you get a juxtaposition of classic vs cutting edge that makes for something a bit different than typical modern R&B. I’d like to hear more of this, hopefully with Joi’s band Blue Magic involved as well (Blue Magic Block Beattaz just sounds nice, rolls right off the tongue.)

Also, I gotta point out that this is the first time we get to hear Block Beattaz venture beyond Hip-Hop, an idea which could potentially yield some great things.

DOWNLOAD: Joi Tiffany – Come Around (Produced By The Block Beattaz)

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