Jim Jones, Meek Mill & Fred Da Godson “I’ll Be Back”

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I feel a moral obligation to let you all know that Jim Jone’s Vampire Life is absolutely stunning. Gay jerks who claim that Jim is anything other than an awesome rapper are the same geeks who used to smirk at Tony Yayo. The guy just makes great jamz. Pray IV Reign is pretty much a classic in my book, and Jimmy has done nothing but win since. His choices in production have been absolutely inspired. The addition of “Rrrrr” to his immense armory of adlibs has been a coup, making Capo the most underrated album by an established rapper of ’11 thus far. Imagining Max B crooning the choruses on Vampire Life makes my soul cry.

“I’ll Be BacK” isn’t the best example of Vamp Life’s sound, but Meek rips shit and this marks the first time I have ever listened to Fred Da Godson. Dude is disgusting looking, but his verse is cool.

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