Jermaine – The Crazy 88

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Effortless relentless exhalation of bars, dude raps like a firebreathing dragon on here. And he’s from Jersey, always a plus in my book. Fans of classic east coast rap modes should be pleased.

DOWNLOAD: Jermaine – The Crazy 88

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6 Responses to “Jermaine – The Crazy 88”

  1. […] looking for more of Jermaine’s music after hearing his impressive Crazy 88 track a few days ago. Found these videos, which are nice but not enough. Need to hear a mixtape or […]

  2. […] we had no choice but to jack this from our a-alike blog Steadybloggin’. From what I can gather from the blogosphere, Jermaine hails from Trenton, NJ and is working on an […]

  3. Desilu says:

    w o w… good. Please do share more info

  4. steadybloggin says:

    i’m working on it as we speak,


  5. Thun says:

    UM, more info please?

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