Issue – Ghostly Aura / Get High Ft Big Pete

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Random weird NY rap. “Ghostly Aura” has a strong occult choir in ski masks vibe going for it; “Get High” starts as a fairly routine weed song then gets magical as it melts into a bizarre 2 minute stretch of falsetto singing.
Issue – Ghostly Aura

Issue – Get High Ft. Big Pete


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3 Responses to “Issue – Ghostly Aura / Get High Ft Big Pete”

  1. Berto says:

    No clue, wish I did!

  2. Alex says:

    aaaahh shit i had no idea, thanks. any idea who made the beat and/or what the sample is?

  3. Berto says:

    Afraid the falsetto singing on Get High is actually a part of the sample, not a spontaneous expression of Issue’s intense emotional response to weed — see Lil B’s take on this beat:

    Both songs are dope though, especially Ghostly Aura.

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