Is This An Unreleased B.I.G. Verse?

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An intriguing thing popped into the inbox courtesy of

I don’t usually do this, but I came across this Notorious B.I.G verse yesterday and posted it on my own blog I’ve contacted several people about this + got multiple responses from my readers and nobody has ever heard this verse before, nobody can give me more info either. Judging by the ‘tags’ I suppose it’s from a DJ Capone mixtape (same Capone which hosted a lot of the D-Block tapes?). I don’t know who produced it either, but someone pointed out to me that it might be from the recording sessions with Diamond D & Fat Joe.
If you guys want, post it on your sites or share it. If anyone has more info about it, please let me know, it might just be something that has been out, but I never heard about as well…


The chances of an unknown Biggie verse existing in 2013 feel smaller than small, but stranger things have happened. I personally have never heard this, but that obviously doesn’t mean much. If anybody has any info on this, please leave it in the comments.
EDIT: Philaflava legend Magneto dropped knowledge in the comments: “Junior Mafia – White Chalk Part 2 reference track. Listen to the first verse on that song. Same one”
He is indeed correct. Here is the song he is referring to:


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6 Responses to “Is This An Unreleased B.I.G. Verse?”

  1. bbk says:

    this verse was released on a mixtape back in 99 and apparently no one ever heard it until bobbyillz ripped it a few days ago. he didnt even know the gem he had sitting in his cassette box. its from dj capone “platinum professional part” which as i said, was ripped by bobbyillz at illzdatapecollecta @ blogspot a few days back. its the first track on side B

  2. steadybloggin says:

    Definitely sounds better coming from Big. Thanks Mag

  3. Magneto says:

    No problem. Verse is still awesome tho! And it’s nice to hear Big actually spit it, instead of one of them JM stiffs.

  4. Thanks for sharing and helping me find out!

  5. steadybloggin says:

    And that’s why Magneto is a legend

  6. Magneto says:

    Junior Mafia – White Chalk Part 2 reference track. Listen to the first verse on that song. Same one

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