Is Sole a racist (white-on-white crime)?

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Sole’s rendition of Young Jeezy’s “My President” continues to stir controversy among the thin-skinned legions he caters to. Whining from the limp-wristers and rebellious vegans is expected. But now even Sole is confused:
“im gonna say… “my president is black, and thats cool and shit…
but i wont call you president till you show me your birth certificate….”

. gotta wait for my mother in law to leave so i can record it though!

and for the record, this is not a parody.

its less of a parody actually, then the version of “this land is my land” they sing in elementary schools. (… the socialist messages are taken out of the woodie guthrie version). in the mainstream world, everyone is reworking each others’ tracks, kind of covering them, but adding their two cents and making it a new song. its in the folk tradition, a song is passed down, improved, changed, adapted to fit the times…. so why does it make it parody when i do it? is calling my shit a parody…. is that like… reverse-reverse-reverse racism? black hole racism? white dwarf racism? is it kneejerk-faux-libertarian-collegeboy-selfhate-backtalk? what is the meaning of life?”

Ummmm……..WTF? It’s a parody. Then it’s not. Then it is. Then it’s kind of a parody, but not really. Then he reverts to being the perennially misunderstood, tragic indie artist.

Not long after that we stumble across another heaping serving of Sole’s inverted political message fuckery:
“its a hiphop mixtape, its not a parody, you do know what hip-hop is right? you should look up “detournment,” a situationist tool for changing the meaning of something and giving it a new message. thats exactly what i had in mind with this shit, i cant wait till you hear “turn my swag on.”

white guilt is some 90s shit.

and no im not a birther, that was a joke.

im not dumbstruck, im dissappointed with how boring/literal/kneejerk some people are.

if i was black, wearing a scarf, making the same music sole had, yall wouldn’t say its a parody. so who is showing their white on white racism here?”

As I’ve said in the past, Sole is a firebrand in his own right and doesn’t strike me as a dumb mother fucker. But shouldn’t you be clearer about your purpose and intent than Gucci Mane’s diamond collection when you’re dropping material bound to incite?

Are white rappers allowed to criticize and/or mock the commander-in-chief? Is today’s white rapper at a disadvantage “solely” due to melanin deficiency?

Chuck D lights a candle and cries.


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