Ill Mondo – Gentlemen Prefer Blunts Pt2 (Mix)

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The second in a series of free mixtapes, “Gentlemen Prefer Blunts (Pt 2)” continues DJ Screw’s tradition of slow, “chopped and screwed” music. The mix consists entirely of records pressed at 45 rpm played back at a slow, head-nodding 33 1/3. There are still funky classics like Dennis Coffey’s Scorpio, but also heavily features modern psychedelic rock like Dungen and Tame Impala. Ill Mondo takes the slow music concept and runs it past genre-barriers, mixing soul classics like Strawberry Letter 23 next to modern Chillwave titans Washed Out. Gentlemen Prefer Blunts (Pt 2) breathes life into old classics, and presents modern psychedelic music in a completely new light.
Bong-rattling AND trunk-rattling… trust me, this works really well. Ill Mondo’s first mix of this series was already solid stoner fodder, this one is an improvement because of the wider variety of genres being used. Incorporating jam heavy psychedelia is an especially inspired touch, turns out wailing guitar solos are rendered into majestically glacial slabs of sound when played at 33 1/3. And they do Strawberry Letter 23 too, which I was skeptical about at first but Ill Mondo pull it off admirably.
No tracklist for the moment but the description should give you a fair idea of what’s in store. Stream via divshare, download via Circle Into Square.
DOWNLOAD: Ill Mondo – Gentlemen Prefer Blunts Pt2 (Mix)


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