IFEEL Studio – Morgengruss III / Watching Stars Over The Rubicon Beltway / The Coptic Sun

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Firewalk with me on this one… I realize that chancing on some weirdly named shit takes a certain leap of faith, but this is the best thing I heard all day.
The origins of this are mildly mysterious, having something to do with a label called International Feel (based in Uruguay). I’m not sure what to call it, space yacht rock maybe? The picture above is fairly apt, this is music for soundtracking exactly that kind of situation.
DOWNLOAD: IFEEL Studio – The Coptic Sun

IFEEL Studio 002 – Morgengruss III. Release Date (vinyl only) 18th July. by International Feel
IFEEL Studio 002 – Watching Stars Over The Rubicon Beltway by International Feel

via Boomkat and 20jazzfunkgreats

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