“If ya bootleg, ya get ya leg broke….”

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File this one under ingenious. With the impending release of Plastique, Sole has formally declared war on all bootleggers. This is from the front page of his recently redesigned site:

“on behalf of soleone.org & fakefour inc, and musicians everywhere
in the spirit of thomas jefferson and james madison
the forefathers of this here semi great nation
we have launched a forward offense against the pirates
those who roam the oceans of the internet
squandering our labor, stealing food from our children(and dogs) mouths
sucking the very wind from the mountain air

through sheer concient, arrogance, & butchery
they have plundered for too long

the first shot fired acrossed the bow was a megaupload zip
the second was to a far off land called sendspace
soon, isohunt, piratebay, will be overloaded with zip files
old albums, country music, animals being massacred
all in the name of sole & the skyrider band “plastique”

for those who think stealing isn’t stealing
tell that to my bank account
and the indigenous people of north america & australia
the IRS, Goldman Sachs, & AIG

we, are aware that the ground beneath our feet is shifting
that someday the world won’t need:

record stores
record labels
publicity companies
working artists
video stores
locally produced goods, labor, & ideas

but i remember old voyages
while working at mcdonald’s
saving pennies
buying a turntable
driving 6 hours to fat beats with the pedestrian
roaming the cold polluted streets of new york
simply to buy records at fat beats, vinyl kings, and anything we could find
before mail order, itunes, & the internet
coming home with a swollen backpack
sore from the subway
and playing the music for my friends

i realize, that this is a losing war
the barbarians, as they say are at the gates
and we can’t hold them off forever
but we will die trying

for more information visit

or, if you wish, upload a fake torrent called “plastique”
megaupload a copy of “gone with the wind” sound track
call it “plastique”
recite the NAFTA, CAFTA, & bill of rights on MP3
call it “plastique”

or not, its not your problem.
its up to the artists to work this out.

but when all thats left is major label artists
and the only place to buy records is at walmart
don’t say we didn’t warn you

just cuz we live in the society of the spectacle
doesn’t mean we have to submit to it.”

Blueprint for success or a freshly painted bulls eye for all bootleggers?


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