I Can’t Feel My Face

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Before Wayne discovered auto-tune. When Juelz still had a viable rap career. Before Wayne became a martian artiste. Before Cam took his ball and went to Florida. Before Drake. Before Skull Gang. Before Lil Twist was potty-trained. Before “swag splashing”. Before Wayne became a pop mega-star with his own Behind The Music. Before anyone gave a shit about a Grammy.

Rumors of I Can’t Feel My Face as a mixtape started in 2006, and later turned to rumors of a full-on album. Songs started leaking, as did reports that it would be impossible to find a workable label situation for the project (Jay-Z beef and early Cam’ron fuckery). Who knows whether these leaked tracks were meant for the mixtape incarnation or the album, but they are pretty fantastic. Both of these guys were in their prime. No pretension, no singing, no big name production, just rapping. These are the tracks that Mick Boogie would turn into the Blow mixtape, which immediately took attention away from the source material with it’s shiny packaging, false “official/exclusive” allure, interviews and skits. Here are the untouched original tracks. Original beats, no drops, no skits.


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