I asked Slug some questions about Deep Puddle Dynamics

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A hardscrabble investigative internet journalist can never be afraid to ask the painful questions. Put forth the challenging inquiries. Stare into the face of the cold truth. Get the answers. Let the dominoes fall as they should. Slug shines a spotlight on what happened with and the mechanics of the legendary quartet Deep Puddle Dynamics in this hard-hitting, in-depth interview.

Employee: DPD is widely regarded as a groundbreaking collaboration of the early internet rap gawdz. Was recording it awkward on any level or did it flow seamlessly in the studio?

Slug: i lost a close family member during the recording sessions. so i had to leave for 2 days during our 10 day session.
i wouldn’t say awkward, but we didn’t know what we were doing.
we had a lot of fun.

Employee: Post-DPD you started to noticeably distance yourself from Anticon as a whole. I’m not asking you to burn bridges or critically blast anyone. But why the effort to separate yourself from the Anticon collective?

Slug: dudes were younger than me, so it was hard to agree with a lot of the strong opinions that were floating around.
then, when i released godlovesugly and a few of those dudes started calling me a “sell out” for that record, i knew that for better or worse, i wasn’t on the same page when it came to making music.
it wasn’t so much that i was trying to separate myself from the collective, but i didn’t want to be part of the artmob mentality that i thought i was seeing from them.
however nowadays, i do consider how youth played a role, and i no longer have those issues with any of those dudes

Employee: You once remarked you’d participate in a DPD sequel if Sage Francis replaced Sole. Why?

Slug: i don’t remember saying that, but if i did, it wasn’t serious.
it was probably just a dumb jab at sole. i used to be mad at him.
i offer humble apologies for that.
truthfully, sage should have replaced me.

Employee: Where do you rank the DPD album in the Slug discography?

Slug: just another record. like the rest of the crap i’ve participated in.
i don’t really revisit any of my shit, unless i’m gonna perform it live.

Employee: Did you receive any backlash from friends of yours for the album itself?

Slug: nope. most of my friends didn’t listen to our type of shit.

Employee: Knowing what you know now, would you take part in it today if the opportunity arose?

Slug: wouldn’t work. i’ve become quite the control freak since those days.

The End.


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  1. Get the answers. Let the dominoes fall as they should. Slug shines a spotlight on what happened with and the mechanics of the legendary quartet Deep Puddle Dynamics in this hard-hitting, in-depth interview.

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