Hipster Hero Harangues His Heart’s “Hope”

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Shepard Fairey is the guy who designed the omnipresent “Hope” poster in support of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The intersection of art and government is calamitous. I’ve long stated I find it disheartening when artists in any medium throw their support behind a politician because they’re like your first girlfriend; they love gifts, money, attention, fame, power etc. And what do they do at the end of the day? Piss on your heart.

Fairey, the icon for metrosexual, suburban rebellion, has recently admitted to the world that his heart is soaked in piss. In an interview with NBC New York, James Dean with a silkscreen assesses Obama’s performance as commander-in-chief up to now:

“Obama is to me a quality human being and someone that, given the limitations of the two-party system, that’s trying to do a good job,” Fairey told Niteside at a book signing at the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday.

“But I have to grade the whole thing on a curve because the two-party system to me is not yielding the results I want to see.”

Remember this idiocy? Where will this emerging trail of piss-soaked hearts rooted in well-intended civic participation lead? I don’t know, but do you really want to be the left’s equivalent of Ted Nugent on “The Glenn Beck Show”?


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