Help The Outifit, Tx Make A New Album

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Last year The Outifit, Tx made Starships & Rockets: Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk. It was a great, wildly underrated album, one of my favorites of 2012 by a large margin. The album was a little slow to catch on with fans and critics, but gradually it did spread through the interwebz to receive some very positive reactions. Fawning reviews mushroomed throughout the blogsphere, and it seemed like every person that heard the album liked it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like enough people actually bought the thing.
The group is now working on a new album, and as these things sometimes go, they need a little help. Watch their Kickstarter video above, read the write-up for it HERE, but more importantly listen to their last album. Listen to The Ramen Noodles EP too, another great album which was my introduction to the group’s music. Hopefully, you’ll see why I’m inclined to actually go out of my way to ask you to help these guys (instead of just pirating their music to line my own pockets with all these wild racks of blog money.)



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