Headland & Delowe: ATL Hip Hop from ‘79- ‘til (Documentary by Dominick Brady)

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The city of Atlanta has a complex and long history with Hip Hop going back into the late 1970’s.

Much of this history pre-LaFace records, pre-Outkast and GooDie MoB isn’t known.

Headland & Delowe is a documentary series attempting to weave together the story lines of the artists, managers, promoters and journalists of Atlanta Hip Hop over the past three decades to get an understanding of where Atlanta Hip Hop has been and where it might be going.

Big thanks to Dominick Brady for putting this together, I’m looking forward to more episodes. Dominick’s direct download link is below, you can also stream this on his tumblr page here.

DOWNLOAD: Headland & Delowe: ATL Hip Hop from ‘79- ‘til

First spotted at Tumblinerb.

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