Harlem Boog Nice – Gangsta Shit (Prod. MONEYDVNCE)

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Boog first caught my ear with the following: “Chop up the grams in my man’s basement. Chop up ya mans in my gram’s basement”. That one awesome line stuck with me in a way that will likely color my opinion of his music in perpetuity. For better or worse that moment set a bar of precedent, a stardard by which all further Boog raps will be measured – let’s call it the Grams Standard. It might be unfair to judge a man’s whole future career by 16 words, but c’est la vie.
I’ve heard a few things from Boog since then, all of them showing much promise, but none quite reaching Grams Standard. Until now. ‘Gangsta Shit’ is the song I’ve been waiting for since that fateful moment. The combination of wordplay, gruesome imagery presented in casual manner and dark humor – the essence of the Grams Standard – is employed here to great effect, repeatedly. MONEYDVNCE sets the tone with an eerie minimalistic loop harking back to the days when Mobb Deep were genuinly terrifying, and out comes … well.. gangsta shit. And I believe therein lies the blueprint for Boogs’ future success as an artist.


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