GWAR – Phallus In Wonderland (1992, Full Movie)

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RIP Oderus Urungus.
I’m not going to claim extensive fandom of GWAR, I’m not even a huge fan of metal. But this band was a big part of pop culture for anybody growing up in the 90s, you didn’t need to be a big fan of the music to enjoy and appreciate their existence. The same extends to this mini-movie video, their Grammy-nominated magnum opus. Before Netflix, before Youtube, before DVD even, this was an infamous and mysterious cult item. Whispered about during study halls, blurry VHS dubs of it made stealthy rounds through my school, often as contraband. GWAR’s other videos were also held in similar regard, but this one was by far the most notorious (at least in my circles.)
In 2014 much of that mystique is obviously long gone, surviving mostly in nostalgic memories, if at all. But the movie still holds up well and entertains tremendously as hilariously ridiculous cinematic oddity, assuming you’re not too squeamish or easily offended. Highly recommended, even if you’ve never heard a single song from the GWAR’s discography.

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