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Just watch it.

Benzino, JT Money, Spragga Benz and NORE (and sluts, guns, a dope song in the middle, and digital blood)! How has something like this existed since October and I am just finding out about it today?

Here is the equally awesome new JT Money video for “Heavy Datt!”

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1,449 Responses to “Gunman!”

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    That guy just looks dangerous. I doubt that six years will rehabilitate him, probably nothing will. Too bad one of Paris’ bodyguards didn’t see him with a knife, then we probably wouldn’t even have to try him, just bury him.

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  21. First of all – I hope it does cause MLB some major angst. Their role in all of this is significant. Selig should be forced to step down. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knew what was going on. And rather than confront it Selig and his merry band of synchophants decided to ignore it. Ignore it as Bonds heads swelled to gargantuan proportions. Clemons is a major league tool and frankly deserves what he’s about to get……🙂

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