Guitar Red – Disco From A Space Show

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I love randomly stumbling across obscure sample sources. This one popped up on Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984, a very good compilation of lo-fi electronic soul. If you enjoyed my Space Age Soul compilation you should check this one out too, lots of interesting things on there.
This Guitar Red track is one of the highlights of Personal Space, a rough fuzzed out slice of space blues. The sampled passage is at the very beginning, and while I recognized it immediately it took me a few moments to place it to a specific song. Then a certain producer’s tag popped into my head… KSHH BURN ONE KSHH… and everything clicked into place. Ironically, the song that uses the sample doesn’t actually have that tag.
I’m not going to name the sampling song explicitly, recognizing it is half the fun anyway. It’s from a great 2011 album that dropped early last year, that’s your hint.
DOWNLOAD: Guitar Red – Disco From A Space Show


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