Grandmilly – Bvndvnvz ▲ Blvck Mvgic (Bandanaz & Black Magic) Mixtape

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I’ve been waiting for something from Grandmilly ever since the ‘R.I.P. AALIYAH freestyle’ popped up on youtube a few months back. I’m not sure if he’s officially the first Raider Klan member from New York (he might not even be from NY), but he is the first to show a consistent and pronounced NY influence in his music. It makes for a good combination – the usual Raider Klan M.O. of 90s-inspired lo-fi thrown into the blender with some dusty East Coast styles. Pan-regional tape hiss, or something like that. A solid debut regardless of how you file it.
DOWNLOAD: Grandmilly – Bvndvnvz ▲ Blvck Mvgic

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