GOD – God Vs Devil / Judgement Day / Blasphemy / A New Chicago

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To get the obvious out of the way – YES, this guy’s name is GOD. His mixtape name is Bible (makes sense). His songs have titles like Judgement Day, Crucify, Last Supper, etc. NO, he is not a christian rapper. He just has a flair for conceptual titling.
‘God Vs. Devil’ got posted on the FADER a few days ago, and made an immediate strong impression on me. I dug in looking for more, and found an artist who clearly shows a stylistic vision, an honest and unflinching take on familiar subject matters, good beat selection, and a preference for stream of consciousness rapping that doesn’t have any particular respect for traditional song structures. And I don’t think he has hit his potential yet, there is evidence of ongoing improvement in his music that suggests even better things in the future.
Below are some favorites from what I found. His mixtape is streaming at youaintgod.com, all his videos are up on Youtube under the GOD account. Not all of it hits, but if you like what I posted here the rest is very worth a look. More new music from him is coming next week as well.




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