GMane – Sex, Drugs & Money + Free Download Contest

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GMane’s presence on record has always had the aura of a modern blaxploitation character, here he lets that side of him take over almost completely. Here, GMane raps like Superfly lives. We are presented with a cinematic view, overexposed and slightly faded. Drugs are sold in large quantity. Multiple bitches are fucked, both random hoes and proper femme fatales. Shoot outs are had, inevitably in slow motion. And of course a moment or two are taken to pause and reflect on it all in the grand scheme of things.

Like in any good blaxploitation movie the soundtrack is uniformly excellent (as per the commercial Block Beattaz, DJ Burn One and DJ Sizahanz all took part.) Dots are connected between classic, current and future forms of g-funk and country rap. Curtis Mayfield makes a notable appearance. Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels” is chopped into some of the countriest shit ever, somehow not seeming out of place at all. DJ Burn One contributes another Smoke Break instrumental as he has on the 2 previous GMane releases. It’s all mostly very laid back and smooth, reflecting GMane’s own demeanor.

So yeah, this album is the shit. I suspect the whole thing needs to be heard while riding in a car to be fully appreciated, possibly during a low speed chase.

THE CONTEST: You can stream the whole album below and buy it through GMane’s bandcamp. However, I do have one free download code and I will give it to the person who tweets (@steadybloggin) or emails ( the most awesome picture of sex, drugs or money (or any combination of all 3). The cut off is Friday. Get creative, don’t send the same old shit, I want to be entertained Whoever comes up with the best picture will get the free download.

Tracklist with full list of cameos is below

1 Intro: Me, my potna & nephews 01:52
2 Sex, Drugs & Money ft Junebugg 03:43
3 Project Hallway 04:54
4 This iz tha Nite ft Jackie Chain & Kenny Thomas 04:37
5 Powder ft Bentley 03:16
6 Perfect Strangerz 04:20
7 Late Nite Creep ft Zilla 04:11
8 Memoirs of a Geisha 03:18
9 Smoke Break 3 03:39
10 Life Without ft Slurricane(RIP) 05:17
11 Anutha Day ft Bravo Money 02:49
12 2 Lettaz 01:10
13 Boyz n da Hood 2 ft Zilla & Stacc A Mil 04:10
14 No, No, No ft Bentley & Slash 05:04
15 Maria 03:12
16 Paper Chaser ft Primetime 05:14
17 Lets Roll 02:25
18 Bring Her Back ft Kristmas (Bonus track)

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