GMane – Collector’s Item (album) / Slave Kamp – A Day in the Death of Amerikkka (album)

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Two albums worth of old school GMane, available now for the first time in digital form via the AHU Bandcamp.

Slave Kamp was GMane’s first group, “A Day in the Death of Amerikkka” is their debut from 1996. It’s a time capsule of sorts, a strong example of politically/socially charged southern 90s rap but also very much of its time in sound and general attitude. The influences of Texas, ATL and Memphis scenes are evident without being too overpowering, their combination mostly hits the right notes. This is actually a concept album, there is an ongoing narrative of a traffic stop turning into street riot. Fitting with this story, young GMane, then going by GMan, adopts an angrier and more aggressive attitude here than what we’re used to from his current more relaxed incarnation.

“Collector’s Item”, released in 2000, might be GMane’s first solo release. As evidenced by the cover you see at the top of the post, this is GMane (still GMan actually) closer to how we know him today. His styleis not quite as polished on this as it is now, but it’s clearly there.

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