Giulio 4 ‘Offshore Exchange’

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For us here at Steady Bloggin, summertime means spending our weekday afternoons on a yacht in Miami sipping Michelob Lights and arguing about who has the best coke dealer while cold ignoring the racially ambiguous bitches licking on each other starboard. We also have a running copetition to see who can bring the most yacht-appropriate rap music. Guilio4’s Offshore Exchange is my early contribution. Straight Ferragamo Mango Boat Shoe Rap. Money Machines and Moet.

Downlaod and Enjoy

Check out the fantastic video for “Cafe Del Mar”

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3 Responses to “Giulio 4 ‘Offshore Exchange’”

  1. KLAE says:

    Yo the link for this is bad can you re-up it? tryna hear this wave.

  2. steadybloggin says:

    Well ya. I love Fiend, but this chap is actually from a neat place and didn’t take an airplane ride for the first time in 2010.

  3. Thun says:

    Judging from the video, this seems to be a lot less contrived than Fiend’s take on the whole Expedia Rap sub-genre…

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