Gilles “Epitome of Arrogance”

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Imagine if “COOL” had a movie…It would probably be starring that dude from the Dos Equis commercials. But we digress. Let’s paint the picture: You pull up to an extravagant not-so humble abode. There are only a few cars in the driveway and it appears that a young lady has dropped her wallet, perhaps, while hastily making her way through the entrance.
Notice the sign on the door:

“Stumble into the palace. In efforts to keep the place tidy, we ask that you remove all articles of clothing previously worn outdoors…We’re afraid that includes undergarments too. Sorry, it’s our after-hours policy. Ladies, kindly decide our breakfast menu for the following morning…Thanks.
– – Management”

Now, imagine the soundtrack.

You should remember Gilles from “Alien” on the first SMKA compilation. Here, he links back up with 808 Blake for some fantastic end of summer yacht rap featuring some of the finest laid-back, clever braggadocio you have heard in a long time. This is the first leak from Gilles’ Successfully Lost, about which you will be kept in the loop

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  1. […] Gilles recently put together a promotional release in anticipation of Successfully Lost. “Epitome of Arrogance” has proven to be one of my favorite singles of 2010. This guy is fucking good. Is it too early to […]

  2. […] Gilles recently put together a promotional release in anticipation of Successfully Lost. “Epitome of Arrogance” has proven to be one of my favorite singles of 2010. This guy is fucking good. Is it too early to […]

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